The Institute of Information & Communication Technology (IICT) offers Post Graduate Diploma in Information & Communication Technology abbreviated as PG Dip. in ICT

Academic Requirements and Regulations

1. The minimum duration of PG Dip. in ICT Program shall be three semesters and generally not more than 5 (five) Academic Years starting from the date of first registration. Each Academic Year shall consist of two semesters. The duration of a semester will be of minimum 13 (thirteen) weeks.

2. For the Degree of PG Dip. in ICT, a student must earn a minimum of 36 credit hours of which 30 credit hours shall be assigned as for course work and 6 credit hours shall be assigned for a Project.

3. From the 30 credit hours theory courses, 18 credit hours will cover for Core Courses* and rest 12 credit hours will cover the Optional Courses**.



PGD Credits

Theory Courses (10 Courses)

3 x 10 = 30



Total Credits =



Syllabus for PG Dip. in ICT

Course No.Course TitleCredit
ICT 5001Project6
Core Courses
ICT 5101ICT Fundamentals and Programming3
ICT 5102Data Structures and Algorithms3
ICT 5103Database Design and Management3
ICT 5104Operating Systems and Computer Architecture3
ICT 5105Basic Telecommunication3
ICT 5106Data Communications and Computer Networks3
Optional Courses
ICT 5201Visual Programming3
ICT 5202Web Engineering3
ICT 5203Multimedia Design and Development3
ICT 5204Mobile Application Development3
ICT 5205Electronic Commerce3
ICT 5301Internet of Things3
ICT 5302Cyber Physical System3
ICT 5303Cloud Computing 3
ICT 5304ICT Industrial Revolutions3
ICT 5304Artificial Intelligence3
ICT 5401Information System Analysis and Design3
ICT 5402Software Engineering 3
ICT 5403Software Quality Assurance3
ICT 5501Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System3
ICT 5502Internet Technologies3
ICT 5503Mobile Communications3
ICT 5504Software and Database in Telecommunication3
ICT 5505Network Systems Design and Estimation3
ICT 5601Information System and Network Security3
ICT 5602Cyber Security3
ICT 5701Microprocessor and Microcontroller Architecture3
ICT 5702Embedded Systems Design3
ICT 5703Digital Signal Processing3
ICT 5704Satellite and Radar Communication3
ICT 5801ICT Ethics3